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What is dns-watch.org?

dns-watch.org is a service that allows you to see which (mainly German) Internet Service Providers (ISPs) try to censor internet access of their customers.
The CUII, which is a German institution consisting of the biggest German ISPs and rightsholders, censors parts of the Internet to reduce the number of copyright infringements in the World Wide Web. In order to block these sites, they use the already existing DNS provided by German ISPs. When your device asks your ISP where it can find a website, it will give you wrong information and instead redirect you to the page of CUII.
Using dns-watch.org, you can check which ISPs actively censor parts of the Internet. This tool can also help developers of blocked sites by giving them information on which ISPs are blocking their web services.
We support a Free Web without Internet censorship, and so should you!

What can I do against it?

If you happen to be affected by Internet censorship an you're still using your ISP's default DNS settings, we provide resources that can help you switch to a more trustworthy and most of the time even faster DNS, thus regaining a Free Web without censorship! Read our tutorial on how to gain back your freedom in the World Wide Web and circumvent DNS-blocking by ISPs!

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